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Individual exhibitions

2014 - Morgado Cultural Center Gallery, Arruda dos Vinhos;

2013 - Suspenses Houses, Malaposta Cultural Center, Lisboa

2012 - Grémio Art of Coruche;

2010 - Casa Mantero Municipal Gallery, Sintra, Portugal; Jaime l. e Silva House of Culture, Ericeira;

2007 - Plastic Intervention at the Source of the Shower- Sculpture, Sintra, Portugal;

2005 - “Fitares” Municipal Gallery, Sintra, Portugal;

2002 - Jaime l. e Silva House of Culture, Ericeira; Space São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil;

2001 - Space ArKana, Itaipava, RJ - Brazil;

1998 - Arruda dos Vinhos Municipal Gallery, Portugal;  


Collective exhibitions

2018 - Exhibition/Competition MertolArte, Portugal;Municipal Gallery Sta Iria, Portugal;

2016 - Embler Art Gallery, Melbourne, Florida;

2015 - VII Small Format Biennal , "Alhos Vedros", Portugal; 

2014 - Liberty, Gallery 2 -  Infantado Palace, Samora Correia; Vive-Arte 2014;sixth International Contemporary Art Exhibition  of Extremadura;

2013 - Creations by Women, Municipal Museum Benavente; XVIII International Fine Arts Exhibition of Vendas Novas; VI Biennial of Small Format, Alhos Vedros; IV Biennial Lusophone Cultures, Lisbon; Contemporary Dialog Art II - AVAGallery, Helsinki and Archaeology Museum in Braga - Project, The role Cube;

2012 - II Exhibition/Competition MertolArte, Portugal;

2011 - Directorate-General for the Administration of Justice Gallery "Representation of Silence"; XII Beja Open Gallery; I Art Prize of Arruda dos Vinhos and 17th Fine Art International Exhibition of Vendas Novas, Portugal;          

2010 - Quinta da Assunção, No Limits Gardens, Sintra;

2009 - IV Small Format Biennial, “Alhos Vedros”, Portugal and the XVI Beja Opened Gallery;

2008 - 1st International Plastic Arts, IX Vespeira Prize Biennial, Montijo, Portugal;

2008 - Plastic Intervention at “Quinta da Assunção”, SNBA, Belas, Portugal;

2007 - III Small Format Biennial at “Alhos Vedros”, Portugal; XV Beja Opened Gallery and “Fitares” Municipal Gallery, Sintra;  

2006 - “Fitares” Municipal Gallery, Sintra;

2005 - VIII Vespeira Prize Biennial, Montijo, Portugal; and “Fitares” Municipal Gallery, Sintra;

2004 - “Fitares” Municipal Gallery, Sintra;

2003 - “Arruda dos Vinhos” Municipal Gallery, Portugal and Space “Santa Catarina”, Lisbon;

2001 - Municipal library of “Alenquer”, Portugal; “Fitares” Municipal Gallery, Sintra; International Centre of “Artes I Letras”     Gallery, Lisbon and Space Gan Gallery, Lisbon;

2000 - Fitares Municipal Gallery, Sintra;

1999 - Cultural Space “Casal São Domingos”, Sintra, Portugal;

1997 / 1998 - “Rio de Mouro” Municipal Gallery, Sintra;

1996 - “Rio de Mouro” Municipal Gallery, Sintra and Expo Art - Painting, Sculpture and Photography Young- Portuguese Artists, Lisbon;

1995 - “Rio de Mouro” Municipal Gallery, Sintra;

1994 - National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon; Lisbon Municipal Gallery “Gimnásio”, Lisbon;

1993 - National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon;

1992 - National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon;


Permanent exhibitions

 My art is currently exposed at the Municipal Chamber of “Arruda Dos Vinhos”, at Municipal Chamber of Sintra and of Lisbon.


2007 and 2015 - Honorable Distinction in the III and VII Small format Biennial, “Alhos Vedros”.


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